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The unpredictable events unfolding across the world should reminder us that we need a president with hands-on foreign policy experience.
Jon Huntsman would be the best candidate to seize this moment in GOP history, and the best-prepared to be president.
Wake up America. Only @JonHuntsman can defeat Obama, fix the economy, and bring America together again.
RT @BreakingNews: Jon Huntsman endorsed by Boston Globe. Paper says he 'would be a better president' than Romney
.@JonHuntsman has best political ad I've seen in this election cycle. Take a look! #nh #fitn
In New Hampshire, Jon Huntsman hopes for big night #NH #FITN
Jon Huntsman: Mitt Romney would be 'status quo president' #nh #fitn
Time for the Huntsman Surge! #FITN #NH
Politico: Romney #NH Town Hall Goes to Heck #FITN
Professor links presidential success to prior experience, points to Jon Huntsman as most qualified
Now more than ever we need a president with hands-on foreign policy experience #fitn
Read @JonHuntsman's op-ed on #education reform (As President, I'll Modernize U.S. Education) #Fantastic
Who is the Most Experienced Republican Presidential Candidate - Election 2012 [YouTube Video] #fitn #nh #gop
If Americans chose their President based only on of which candidate shares their views, @JonHuntsman would win #fitn
NY Daily News: in poll, Americans see Jon Huntsman as aligned with their views
New Gallup poll shows Gov @JonHuntsman epitomizes the feelings of Americans today. US needs commander, not a panderer.
New Gallup survey: Americans are ideologically closest to... Jon Huntsman! #JointheHunt
.@JonHuntsman earned another NH paper endorsement, Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: 'Huntsman The Best Choice For GOP Voters'
.@JonHuntsman Getting More Attention In New Hampshire #FITN #gop #Huntsman #JoinTheHunt
Jon Huntsman Setting His Sights on New Hampshire (Video) #nh #fitn
the GOP needs a @JonHuntsman surge like a drought ridden farm needs rain.
Top Ten Reasons why a @JonHuntsman surge is coming to New Hampshire #FITN #JoinTheHunt
10 More Reasons to Support Jon Hunstman #Jon2012
A Huntsman Surge? We think so! #JointheHunt
A.E. Institute: Gov Jon Huntsman had a much better record than Gov Romney in holding down state health expenditures
Billings Gazette: Jon Huntsman GOP's best shot #nh #fitn
Huntsman has a solid record of creating jobs while keeping debt in check as a governor.
Jon Hunstman in the hunt for 2012 in #NH #FITN
Watch this video: Jon Huntsman Goes 'On the Record' talking #NH campaign strategy
'No other candidate is seriously confronting this issue head-on.' #jon2012 #jointheHunt #toobigtofail
Read @JonHuntsman position papers before you vote... then decide. I needn't say more. He speaks for all Americans.
Watch Mitt Romney losing a #10KBET @
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