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Transcript of Governor Huntsman’s Unveiling of Plan to ‘Restore Trust’ in Washington

  • POSTED BY Team Huntsman
  • December, 13 2011

The institutions that fill our nation’s capital were founded with virtuous intentions, to protect our most fundamental ideals: democracy, rule of law, open markets. Today though, more than ever, these once venerable institutions are viewed by many Americans with disdain and distrust…increasingly tarnished by scandal, corruption, and waste. Read More »

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Jon Huntsman for President Announces New Hampshire Statewide Leadership Team

December, 12 2011. Hpress Staff

Jon Huntsman for President today announced the campaign’s New Hampshire Statewide Leadership Team consisting of the campaign’s Statewide Chairs, County Chairs and Town Chairs who will organize for Governor Huntsman. Nearly 140 community leaders representing all 10 New Hampshire counties and 90 towns are on the Leadership Team. Read More »

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