Jon Huntsman President 2012


The countries that lead in defining the new trading system will be the countries that benefit the most.


Aggressive Promotion of Trade Liberalization

As the world's largest economy and exporter, the United States can play a central role in defining the rhythm of the world's marketplace – but only if we are proactive. Our choices are stark – the United States can lead, follow, or get out of the way. And currently, we're just not in the trade game.

The countries that lead in defining the new trading system will be the countries that benefit the most. If we don't assume the mantle of leadership, our economy will be relegated to competing in a marketplace defined by our competitors.

95 % of the world's consumers live beyond our borders. People around the world still want American goods and services if they can afford them and if they are accessible. We need to work aggressively to get our products into the global marketplace where our quality and excellence will be rewarded through more sales. The strength of the "Made in America" brand is every bit as important as the strength of our military in the 21st century.

Some of the world's largest economies and some of our biggest trading partners remain outside our efforts to liberalize trade. And major multi-lateral negotiations have stalled as a result of poor leadership and weak advocacy from the United States and other major economies.

Jon Huntsman Priorities:

Lead successful conclusion of Doha Round: : The United States should urge completion of the Doha multi-lateral negotiations, aimed at lowering trade barriers around the world and promoting free trade between nations of varying prosperity, which will be beneficial to both developed and developing nations.

Conclude outstanding Free Trade Agreements: Congress should immediately approve the bilateral free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, which could boost exports by more than $10 billion and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Conclude Trans-Pacific Partnership: The United States should drive trade negotiations with TPP partners toward successful conclusion and seek to have the agreement ratified in the Congress.

Aggressively pursue new bilateral FTAs: The United States should immediately initiate bilateral negotiations with Japan, India, Taiwan and Brazil, with the goal of concluding new free trade agreements with each.

Open for business: The United States should have an open door and an open mind to countries that seek to liberalize bilateral trade with us, or any blocs of countries that wish to pursue multi-lateral trade liberalization.


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