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Wall Street’s Big Banks Are the Real Threat to Our Economy

  • POSTED BY Jon Huntsman
  • January, 7 2012

Rebuilding our economy and restoring trust in our government will require a leader with the independence to implement bold reforms that take on the establishment, from Washington to Wall Street. Thus far, however, we are the only campaign willing to confront honestly and directly one of the greatest threats to our long-term economic prosperity: Too-Big-To-Fail Wall Street banks. Read More »

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Laconia Citizen Endorsement: Huntsman Is The One

January, 6 2012. Laconia Citizen

We have concluded that the right candidate for the job — one who is not bankrolled by Wall Street and the lobbyists on Washington’s K Street but who also has the foreign policy experience to differentiate between real threats and saber-rattling — is Jon Huntsman. Read More »

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